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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How Do You Keep Your Floss Organized?

DMC DMC DMC DMC DMC floss of my obsession how I love thee......lol. Sounded like a good opening to me what do y'all think? As a rule I work with nothing but DMC floss if at all possible but occasional I will use what comes in the kit due to the fact that I just don't want the headache of having to figure out what number goes with that color lol. Now I know everyone has tons and tons of boxes, cases, bags, and what nots to keep their floss in. Of course as I get more floss I will end up doing the same thing but for what little I have I just use the DMC cases with the floss wrapped on plastic bobbins, now mind you at the moment I have just 2 cases lol I am so slacking, but getting the floss is the pain when I have to budget everything so that all bills and the essentials are paid so that we don't go without something that we need.

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