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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got 4 Awesome Kits From Jo in Tucson

As I was taking trash out a package fell inside the door and lo and behold it was a package from Jo! of course I had forgotten what I had requested when she was down-sizing her stash lol but I am glad I did it was an early Bday present for me and she doesn't even know it lol. The package consisted of Designs For The Needle-Basket O'Bears Kit #301813, Designs For The Needle-And The Two Shall Become One #766-0001-W, Dimensions- Christmas Spirit Banner #8695, and last of all the goodies is Bucilla-Lavender in Province!

From My Project


  1. Lovely! Which one will you stitch first? I'm currently stitching Provence and your Lavender in Provence is kind of matching my project. Well, both of them are Provence!

  2. Those are great! Should keep you busy for a while.