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Monday, January 24, 2011

And the Two Shall Become One

ALMOST DONE!!!! Just have to finish the back stitching and I think I am going to get me some beads since I am having problems with the french knots. But I am so glad to be almost finished then I can move on to another of my projects woohoo!

Ok this was supposed to be a Christmas present to my hubby but it didn't turn out to be that due to having such a busy holiday and stabbing my hand with a knife after New Years lol yes I know what a great way to start 2011 but hey I tend to keep things interesting lol.

Anyways I had started this project a while ago but I tend to put it a way for a few when I start getting massive headaches of course it doesn't help when I have to take out everything I have done and redo it which I will have to do of certain areas since I messed up on the quarter stitches (which mind you I have never done any of those stitches until now so I had no idea that those stitches did not have to go all the same way) but that section will have to wait until I have more thread which I will have to go and buy when I get a chance.

But here so far is the progress I have done the bottom half is what I will have to take out and redo yet again I swear I will get this down I will learn the magic to quarter stitches lol

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