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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been an interesting week

To say the least anyways. I decided to take a break and relax my eyes from stitching my WIP and decided to work on a latch hook design which I found at a community sale a few weeks ago. Though that project is going slowly then I would like it to it can't be helped due to the plate full of things that I have been doing. Since the beginning of the month my DH and I have been working on getting our business up and running which is a slow process but well worth it in the end when it is finally in full swing. While we have been working on that we have also been going to help the family over the weekend. Now I know the weekend is a time to rest and relax and re-energize for the up coming week but we have no idea what that means lol if we don't keep moving we feel like we had gotten nothing accomplished and that the day ahs been wasted.. So hopefully by the time I post a new blog I will have 1 hopefully both projects finished. :)


  1. Hey, where's the pic of the latch hook project? :) I have one of those I bought for my mom years ago... thought she might be interested in doing one. Wrong. LOL I've worked on it off and on over the years. Even had an exBF who worked on it and liked doing it!

  2. I actually had to put that away because I have to take everything that I have down out and redo the whole thing so as soon as I get the energey to do all that I will post a pic of it I promise :)