I wonder if they have a help group for Cross Stitch Addicts ~Impish Grin~ Wait never mind it wouldn't work ~wink~

Friday, October 29, 2010

Janlynn Designs For The Needle: And The Two Shall Become One Kit# 766-0001-W

Yesterday evening I decided to start a new project "And The Two Shall Become One" by Janlynn Designs For The Needle. I am making this as a gift for my husband and myself for Christmas. It has been a rough start when starting it due to the quarter stitch since I have never done one before but I am slowly getting the hang of it. Same whay I have never done a french knot so that will be interesting lol. As soon as I have pictures I will post them to the blog. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got 4 Awesome Kits From Jo in Tucson

As I was taking trash out a package fell inside the door and lo and behold it was a package from Jo! of course I had forgotten what I had requested when she was down-sizing her stash lol but I am glad I did it was an early Bday present for me and she doesn't even know it lol. The package consisted of Designs For The Needle-Basket O'Bears Kit #301813, Designs For The Needle-And The Two Shall Become One #766-0001-W, Dimensions- Christmas Spirit Banner #8695, and last of all the goodies is Bucilla-Lavender in Province!

From My Project

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been an interesting week

To say the least anyways. I decided to take a break and relax my eyes from stitching my WIP and decided to work on a latch hook design which I found at a community sale a few weeks ago. Though that project is going slowly then I would like it to it can't be helped due to the plate full of things that I have been doing. Since the beginning of the month my DH and I have been working on getting our business up and running which is a slow process but well worth it in the end when it is finally in full swing. While we have been working on that we have also been going to help the family over the weekend. Now I know the weekend is a time to rest and relax and re-energize for the up coming week but we have no idea what that means lol if we don't keep moving we feel like we had gotten nothing accomplished and that the day ahs been wasted.. So hopefully by the time I post a new blog I will have 1 hopefully both projects finished. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How Do You Keep Your Floss Organized?

DMC DMC DMC DMC DMC floss of my obsession how I love thee......lol. Sounded like a good opening to me what do y'all think? As a rule I work with nothing but DMC floss if at all possible but occasional I will use what comes in the kit due to the fact that I just don't want the headache of having to figure out what number goes with that color lol. Now I know everyone has tons and tons of boxes, cases, bags, and what nots to keep their floss in. Of course as I get more floss I will end up doing the same thing but for what little I have I just use the DMC cases with the floss wrapped on plastic bobbins, now mind you at the moment I have just 2 cases lol I am so slacking, but getting the floss is the pain when I have to budget everything so that all bills and the essentials are paid so that we don't go without something that we need.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flight of Freedom Kit# 35077

Have been working 2 years on this project and I am finally almost half way finished with it Woohoo!

From My Project

From My Project

From My Project

From My Project

From My Project

From My Project

OMG after 2 years I finally have this almost done it has been a back breaking project. All that is needed is the tassle, cord, french knnot, and backstitching then it gets cleaned and shipped to my dads because he said he wanted it lol